The Autism & Neurodiversity MasterClass

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The Autism and Neurodiversity MasterClass is the definitive Autism and neurodiversity education package, where you can deep dive and learn directly from 28 of the worlds’ leading educators, advocates, researchers, thought leaders and concept originators.

The MasterClass is authentically Autistic. Our 14-module self-paced online program is researched, written, designed, illustrated, filmed, and presented by neurodivergent folk,informed by both lived-experience and evidence-based practice, and embedded with neuro-affirming principles and language.

The course has been written in plain English, and in a way that enables it to be accessible to the most people – from newly diagnosed Autistic teens, mums, dads and grandparents learning about Autism for the first time, to experienced health, education, youth and social work, medical and allied health professionals looking to expand their knowledge by learning directly from actually Autistic folk. The layout, design, colours, illustrations, animations and rich variety of media make it an accessible and sensory friendly package, which is simple to navigate and absorb.

Fourteen modules of beautifully written, illustrated, animated and video learning
Learn directly from 28 of the worlds’ leading educators, advocates, researchers
12 months self-paced access to content
Suggestions for further reading
A quiz at the end of each module