The Autism & Neurodiversity MasterClass

Authentically Autistic, the MasterClass is researched, written, designed, illustrated, filmed and presented by neurodivergent folk who are all in different stages of their neurodiversity journeys and bring their personal experiences to the project.

With contributors from Australia, the UK and the US, the Autism and Neurodiversity MasterClass is the definitive Autism and Neurodiversity education package, where you can deep dive and learn directly from the worlds’ leading Autism and Neurodiversity educators, advocates, thought leaders and concept originators.

Created by a team of innovative advocates working globally in the Autism and Neurodiversity space, the content is Informed by both lived-experience and evidence-based practice and embedded in neuro-affirming principles and language.

What’s included?

Who is the MasterClass for?

Our dream is to make the MasterClass available to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and by doing so, facilitate a lense-change and understanding of Autism which radically changes the quality of the lives of Autistic people.

The content in the course has been written in plain English, and created in a way that enables it to be accessible to the most people – from newly diagnosed teenagers learning about Autism for the first time, to experienced professionals looking to expand their knowledge by learning directly from actually Autistic folk.

The content in the course will be useful to:

Parents and grandparents;
Late-diagnosed Autistics and their family members;
Teachers, teachers assistants and educators;
Allied health professionals including psychologists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists;
Health professionals including paediatric psychiatrists, paediatricians, GPs, nurses;
Disability support workers, plan managers, support coordinators, LACs;
Youth workers, social workers, counsellors;
Corporate and government employees who are committed to becoming advocates in their workplace and supporting the creation of more Autism-friendly work environments; and
Anyone who is interested in upskilling and improving their knowledge around Autism and neurodiversity.

The course has been designed so as to be accessible to people with disability. Everything from the layout, design, colours to the beautifully illustrated graphics and rich variety of media make it a truly Autism friendly package, that is simple to navigate and absorb.

What others are saying about the MasterClass

“It is a well-researched and presented course that clearly will help both Autistic people, and those professionals supporting them, to work better together.”
Dr Chris Wever, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

“In this age of easy information access it is difficult to know where to start. The MasterClass is well researched content covering so many aspects of Autism and the Autistic experience. An amazing launching pad!”
Anna Johnson, Senior Speech Pathologist 

“This MasterClass gives a detailed but easy to digest overview of all aspects of life for neurodivergent people. It is a great road map for real inclusion.”
Sinya Nichol, Disability Support Worker & family member to two neurodivergent individuals

“Hearing from people with lived experience reinforced the importance of using neuro-affirming language – a reminder to ensure I am always being inclusive at work and in my community.”
Catherine Shaw, Allied Health Assistant

“This Masterclass will 100% be an essential reference and learning platform for EVERY human on the planet.”
Chris Hausler, Neurodivergent person and parent of Autistic young person

“The MasterClass sets a great foundational understanding of neurodiversity for those new to the concepts.”
Alix Basham, Youth Worker

“The MasterClass helps us to learn about the beautiful hearts and souls of the Autistic and neurodivergent persons in our lives.”
Subin Mathews, Psychologist

“Comprehensive, engaging resource for informing oneself on Autism and neurodiversity.”
Jessica Jones, Teacher

“A comprehensive, easy to navigate and beautifully illustrated MasterClass, full of knowledge and experiences.”
Kristin Cox, parent of Autistic young person

“The MasterClass provided a great overview and insight into Autism and the considerations we can make as allied health professionals, educators, family members and community members to support the inclusion of neurodivergent individuals in our everyday environments.”
Laura Ryan, Occupational Therapist